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Be different!

OK, it’s nice to have a luxurious, perhaps even exotic, chauffeur-driven wedding car and it will look good in the photo album in the years to come – but will it be memorable, will it be that little bit different, that little bit daring?

Will it, in its’ own right, bring a smile to your face?

Why not have a self-drive classic sports car as an alternative – more fun, no time pressure, more memorable and probably more cost-effective.


With one of our cars there is the added benefit that the car is yours for the duration you want (some chaffeur driven wedding cars have more than one engagement in a day) so if you want to stop-off at scenic spot for wedding photos then there are no time restrictions, or if you want to add a few tin cans and a ‘Just Married’ sign on the car then it’s no problem.

Our expertise

In our previous professional lives we have been responsible for the organisation of many large events, shows and corporate training venues in both the UK and overseas and have also, of course, been intimately involved in a number of weddings and other large family events.

We are well-aware of the complexities, deadlines, budget-overruns and politics involved in organising these types of functions and we would like to help by taking some of the work-load and worry off you. Please email or call us so we discuss in person what you requirements are.

Our cars

As you can see we have described the cars and their colours to help you choose which one(s) is best for your ceremony.


Free ‘fitting’ session

Sometimes there are concerns about how easy it is get in and out of low slung cars so we invite any prospective bride and groom to come along and try the cars out for size. In fact we really do encourage this as it also enables us to discuss your expectations for the Big Day.

Another unnecessary worry is The Hairdo. You don’t actually have to drive very far with the hood down if you don’t want to: you can just stop around the corner from the wedding venue and drop the hood for the last few hundred yards: thereby arriving in absolutely perfect nick. Depending on the distance involved if necessary one of the ushers can put the hood back-up for the journey to the Reception.


How it could work

For the sake of this explanation we’ll treat the event as a Wedding as the arrangements for a Civil Ceremony will be very nearly the same with Private Parties also being similar.

The hire period for the actual ceremony is usually 24 hours at our published hire rates and can involve one or two cars depending on your budget. But you might, of course, want to stretch the rental period and take one of the cars on honeymoon!

Either we (in which case there would be a small additional charge) or you can decorate the car according to your chosen colour schemes whenever it is consider best so to do.


The Bride’s car only option

This will almost inevitably be one of our four seaters so that the bride, her father and one or two maids-of-honour could all be in the same car. Upon arrival at the wedding venue one of the ushers would take over responsibility for the car and would then drive the newly married couple off to the Reception.

The car can be picked up the night before the happy event, taken to wherever the bride is over-nighting, used during the day and then returned after the final photo shoot or left at the venue and we will then pick the car up during the evening but this will be at an extra charge of £2.50 per mile.

The two car option

The bride’s car would be as above.

The second car could be a two seater to be used initially by the groom and best man to get to the wedding venue and then at the end of the ceremony either the groom could drive the bride to the Reception or if they go in the four seater the best man could drive the maid of honour to the reception.

As above we would arrange to pick the cars up but there would be 2 x £2.50 charge per mile to pay.

And, obviously, the two seater would be perfect to drive off in on Honeymoon!

Private parties

Perhaps you’re planning a reunion of old colleagues or friends and are looking for something other than 18 holes as an excuse to get together. Well, how about a day in 2 or 3 of our cars. Drivers will be able to rotate between cars, they’ll be able to sit next to a different person each time they change and we’ll be able to suggest suitable routes and stopping off places.

We can even arrange overnight accommodation in one of our excellent local hostelries. Just give us a call.


Unfortunately our cars are not available for Proms