Family Holidays

Fifteen years or so ago when you took children on a long car journey parents were obliged (for their own sanity) to find entertaining and time-consuming games and things to do to pass the time away. These sometimes involved looking out the window and taking note of the interesting sights and sounds en route.

Nowadays that seems to have all changed: children just take their lounge – or worse, bedroom – with them in the car: at the last minute they leave the centrally heated house carrying their laptop, I-pad, tablet and other hi-tech gear and plonk themselves down in the air-conditioned, pollen filtered, tinted windowed, heated back seats; stick their earphones in and – there you go – they might as well have stayed at home. Do they talk to you, look out the window, show any interest in what is passing by, have any concept of what is going on outside? Probably not.



A day (or more) with one of our cars will bring back that evocative era of family travel with everyone enjoying the fresh air and stunning scenery as you cruise around East Anglia.

To help your planning we have put together two sample 1 day itineraries.

Three of our cars are easily capable of carrying two adults and two children in reasonable comfort.

Morgan 4+4  – amazingly this is a genuine 4 seater with plenty of leg room for children and  adults alike. The back seat passengers sit higher than those in the front seats so they have comparatively good views; however it can be a bit windy if you don’t employ the side screens (there aren’t any wind up windows on Morgans!). The only downside is that there is very limited storage space if all the seats are occupied. Buit still….it is so much fun and also makes the most brilliant self-drive wedding car

Triumph Stag – the kids will probably like this car most as it is both old and noisy! From a safety perspective it has lap belts fitted to the rear seats and it does have the added benefit of the T-bar roll-cage that envelopes the cabin regardless of the hood being up or down. It is surprisingly spacious and comparatively easy to get in/out of.

Jaguar XK8 – this is a great car to show-off in as it looks really expensive (new ones are currently around £65k) and it is a joy to cruise around in. The downside is that there is not much space behind the front seats so lanky teenagers are not going to be comfortable over long distances. Younger children will be absolutely fine as their seats are individually shaped with normal 3 point seat belts.

From personal experience we can truly say that we’ve had some great family days out in our cars. Give it a go!

yacht pond and minis at Aldeburgh