Corporate & Incentives

Corporate Hospitality

editedA freebee day in a classic car has got to rate quite highly in any person’s wish-list and here at Big Sky we can use our past careers in the travel, hospitality and exhibition industries to ensure that your event or reward programme is a seamless experience that not just ticks all the participant’s boxes but also enhances the credibility and profile of your organisation.

In addition we can use our local contacts throughout Suffolk to put together a package of accommodation, meals, entertainment and activities to free-up you and your staff to concentrate on other things.

From a business perspective

It is probable that this will be a ‘first’ for most participants and it will be perceived as a high value activity and/or a more than decent reward or incentive.

The great thing about driving around in cars is that you have a captive audience – they can’t get up and leave the table! The time on the road together gives ample opportunity for having a good chat, networking, consultation and every time you stop you can change people around between cars so everyone gets to know each other in a fairly private sort of way.

How it works

We will meet with you and agree the budget, desired objectives and duration and then get back with a tailor-made proposal that can include any of:

  • A pre-designated route with ‘treasure hunt’ questions en-route.
  • Additional activities (see links opposite).
  • Pre-booked meals and accommodation.
  • Depending on the duration and complexity we can offer a support vehicle and crew if desired.
  • Generally speaking it is best if the day starts from our property as this saves time and mileage costs.

Ultimately this is all about what you want to get out of the day’s events and that will depend on if it’s a ‘reward’. ‘incentive’ or ‘sales’ mission that you are on.

How many people can we accommodate and how much it will cost

We are not a big organisation and hope that our flexibility and local knowledge will be attractive to other small companies that want to offer something different to their staff and clients. Obviously with events of this nature the more notice we have the more chance we have of blocking-off the availability of cars required.

  • If all our fleet was to be available – which is probably an unlikely scenario – we could accommodate up to 12 people in the actual cars plus a couple more in the support 4×4.
  • It is more likely that one car will be unavailable, in which case we are looking at 9 to 10 participants.
  • A day’s costs will be around the £250 per person including the vehicles, relevant insurance, all fuel and a pub-type lunch (without alcohol!).

Combined events

One of the benefits of being mobile is that we can programme-in a number of additional events such as:

And lots of other activities – some more active, some more sedentary!

Incentives & Rewards

P1010452-pIf you want to motivate individuals rather than a team then what better way is there than to offer them a Scaled Incentive Scheme offering different value cars for different levels of achievement.

We can produce our Rewards and Vouchers to meet your requirements and can combine the car with overnight stays or a slap-up evening meal – whatever you require, just let us know.