About 70% of our guests have their cars rented for them as Presents, Vouchers and Surprises and it goes without saying that most are for the cars that the lucky driver either owned or hankered after in his or her younger days.

Having owned and driven many of the cheaper sports cars in our youth we have adopted the same philosophy and are concentrating on offering what we loved and now consider to be  ‘Classic British’ convertible cars and – living-up to our Big Sky name.

Wherever possible we have acquired later rather than earlier versions of each model as these will have benefited from the on-going developments and refinements introduced through the life-span of the marque.

All our guests receive a full briefing, a short demo drive and a typed ‘what if’ fact sheet at the time of pick-up. For more details of what is involved go to Make a Booking.

A very important insurance requirement.

We have to be able to see the driver(s) record with the DVLA at the time of handing over the keys for the driver’s insurance cover to be valid. This is only available via the DVLA website and is a fairly simple process: please see our ‘Make a Booking‘ and T&Cs section for details.

Some general points about our cars.

  • What is a ‘Classic car’? The font of all knowledge for the classification of old cars is the National Motor Museum at Beaulieu link. To be a Classic (as opposed to even older Veteran and Vintage models) the car should have been made between the 40s and 70s – but there is also a new category called Modern Classics so our cars are all covered!
  • The brakes. The Morgan 4/4 are not ‘servo-assisted’ so you will have to push quite hard on the brake pedal at times. Self-preservation means that you will soon get the hang of it – the real problem is when you get back in your own car and stamp on the brakes!
  • Gear changing and steering. If your car doesn’t have power steering – the Morgan 4/4 again -it is very hard to change gear and steer at the same time as you need two hands on the steering wheel – you’ll need to change down before arriving at the next hairpin corner.
  • NB: The Triumph and Morgans do NOT have any air-bags and the seat belt fixings are not the more modern ISOFIX mountings.

The key points about each car.

These should hopefully help you decide which is the one for you.

For the more detailed and technical stuff please click on the car name.

We’ve also gone into some detail on the appearance and colours of each car as we know how important this is when planning Weddings or other colour sensitive events!