FIGARO 2 seater 1991

Price: from £130 per day

A fantastic, fun little CONVERTIBLE car – only 20,000 ever made (all of them in 1991). A bit of history: this cute and iconic car was the product of Nissan’s famous Pike Factory special projects group and was sold as a stand-alone brand made in four colours each symbolising the seasons of the year: ours is Lapis Grey – winter. Initially only 8000 Figaros were to be produced but such was the demand that this was increased to 20,000 – even then prospective buyer’s names were put into a lottery to decide who were to be the lucky ones.

Some 4,500 models have made their way to the UK: to find out more visit

There is a bench-type rear seat with belts but not much leg room so OK for a couple of children or one adult: however boot storage space is virtually non-existant (OK for putting valuables in) so the back seat might be required for suitcases.

  • 1000 DHOC 4 cylinder Nissan engine matched with 3 speed auto box.
  • Circa 40 average m.p.g.


  • Exterior: grey below the waistline and cream above
  • Interior trim: cream coloured leather seats and panels with chrome instruments and controls including a Clarion sound system and air con.
  • An amazingly simple and efficient full length sunroof.
  • Interior carpets: cream (similar to trim).

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