Vouchers & Surprises

Gift Vouchers

As we’ve mentioned elsewhere a very high percentage of our bookings are made by someone other than the actual driver and usually without their prior knowledge. If it’s a Surprise or a Gift or both and this often requires a degree of subterfuge which we will happily assist with!

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The most popular Surprises and Gifts are for:

  • Birthday presents: for years and years he’s been muttering about how he’d love to have driven a Morgan – put him out of his misery and buy him a day or two’s hire or maybe make a weekend of it.
  • Christmas presents: these are very popular and if you know that your loved one hankers after a specific make or model it can be combined with a glossy hardback book covering that make and/or model and you can then reserve your trip to start in the following year whenever suits you.
  • Anniversaries, retirement, weddings: celebrate a ‘special event’ by hiring one or more of our cars in advance and we’ll create and send the special vouchers to you.

Gift Vouchers

Quite often the easiest and most flexible way of arranging a hire is by purchasing a Gift Voucher.

  • They can be for a date that you will have already reserved and paid for. So the Voucher actually becomes a Surprise present!
  • Or, they can be made out for any number of days’ hire of a certain model or make and can be left ‘open’ for use on any date within twelve months of the date of issue (please be aware that our cars are ‘off the road’ from Oct 1st to March 30th every winter).
  • Or, they can be of a certain face value – leaving the happy recipient to decide what car to reserve when (within twelve months of the date of issue).
  • Or, they can be tailored to suit certain occasions – see below.
  • And if you want a special image of your own on the front cover just send it to us.
  • Or, you can create some fun ones at www.moonpig.com
  • For an administration fee of £20 Vouchers may be transferred to an alternative qualify driver within the twelve month validity period but no refund is available on expired Vouchers.

Keeping it Secret:

We are aware of the pitfalls and problems involved in keeping things secret and are well practised in ensuring that only those who ‘need-to-know’ are contacted.

Some of the things we can do to help include:

  • Accepting 3rd party payment for the hire or Voucher.
  • Arranging for the actual hard-copy Voucher to be either sent to an alternative address or for the envelope to be enclosed in a bigger envelope.
  • Give us your mobile number and the times in which to call.



One of the great pleasures of running this business is that we deal in Happiness!

Everybody wins when a Voucher recipient arrives here and gets behind the wheel of a car that he or she has probably wanted to drive for half a lifetime. We get a kick out of seeing the pleasure written all over their faces and for you, as the organiser of the event, it must be doubly rewarding.

There are criteria and rules (especially insurance-related) that we have to abide by but where it is within our powers we will be as flexible as possible whilst dealing with you to ensure that it is a truly memorable day. For example in certain circumstances Vouchers may be extended for a further 3 months subject to an administration fee of £20.