Prices & Booking

You’re interested in taking one of our cars on the road – that’s great!

So, let us tempt you with a few ‘Special Offers’ –

  • 20% off our ‘rack’ rate if you are staying at Boundary Farm Cottages or Willow Cottage.
  • Book 7 days and only pay for 5 (3 x ‘Extra Daily Rate’)
  • Book 4 days and only pay for 3 (1 x ‘Extra Daily Rate’)
  • Hire two or more cars on the same dates under the same Booking Reference and receive a 10% discount on the total cost.

To reserve your car please –

  • Call us on 01728 638003 as this is by far the easiest way to discuss your requirements. If we’re not available leave a message and we’ll call you back as soon as we can.
  • Or, simply email us your enquiry at
CAR SEATING STYLE 10 hrs 10 hrs 24 hrs 24 hrs 48 hrs 48 hrs Extra day Extra driver Excess mileage Refundable
Sat & Sun Mon – Fri Sat & Sun Mon – Fri Sat & Sun Mon – Fri (24 hrs) ( per 24 hrs) (+150 miles per day) cautionary deposit
JAGUAR XK8 2 adults & 2 kids 2 door convertible 210 190 240 220 440 410 190 45 45p 750
TRIUMPH STAG 4 adults 2 door convertible 175 155 195 185 350 330 150 40 40p 500
MORGAN 4+4 4 adults 2 door convertible 170 150 195 185 350 330 150 35 40p 500
MORGAN 4/4 2 adults, quite tight fit 2 door convertible 160 140 180 160 330 310 140 30 35p 500
FIGARO 2 adults, quite tight fit 2 door convertible 150 130 160 145 310 280 135 30 30p 500

Items included in the hire price in the Price Panel –

  • Use of the car for agreed periods.
  • Mileage allowance of 150 miles per 10 or 24 hour period.
  • Comprehensive insurance cover for one named driver*.
  • RAC roadside breakdown, recovery service and in-car emergency pack.
  • Comprehensive vehicle pre-departure ‘vital signs’ check.
  • Local information dossier including relevant OS maps.
  • Pre-departure orientation and demo-drive.
  • Secure parking for your own car.
  • Out of hours Emergency contact number.
  • * Extra driver(s) charged at stipulated daily rate if required.

Pick-up and drop-off times –

  • 10 hour rental: pick-up any time after 0800 but the latest return time is 1930.
  • 24 hour multiples: pick-up any time between 0800 and 1100 on start date.
  • Subject to other rentals we will try to be as flexible as possible if you would like to vary any of these timings.

Optional extras –

  • Gift vouchers – go to our special section.
  • Flower bouquet in the car or hotel room – from £15.
  • Special event ‘Trial Fitting’ (see Weddings) – free of charge.
  • Picnic Hampers (alcohol free) from our local deli – from £15 p.p.
  • Pick-up/drop off from/to Saxmundham railway station – free of charge.

Refundable cautionary deposit –

  • At the time of rental we will take a credit (not debit) card NCR paper imprint from you as security for the car and to cover the insurance cautionary deposit/excess as per the Price Panel.
  • Provided the car is returned to us at the end of the rental period in the same condition as at start excepting normal wear and tear and no other items are payable we will not take any charges from your card.
  • This card may also be used to cover any additional charges or surcharges such as, for example, an un-refilled petrol tank charge.

Payment methods –

Cheques payable to Big Sky Holdings Ltd and debit cards are all accepted without a charge but credit cards are subject to a 1.5% surcharge.

Taking out an option –

  • We appreciate that you might need to consult with friends and family to agree various things before actually committing yourself to a specific car and rental commencement date.
  • If this is the case we will hold your chosen car for you without any payment being made for an agreed number of days (this will obviously vary according to the time of year and current demand levels etc). Once the agreed period ends your ‘Option’ would be automatically voided if we did not hear from you.

Key insurance considerations prior to booking –

There are a few key points worth bearing in mind when booking one of our cars:

  • The driver(s) must be between 25 and 75 years old.
  • The driver(s) cannot have more than 6 penalty points currently levied on his/her licence.
  • The driver(s) must be able to produce his/her pink EU style plastic driving licence at the time of picking up the car.
  • The driver(s) must either bring a DVLA code for on-line access to their driving record or a print-out of the same (this cannot be more than 21 days old).
  • Bear all of the above in mind if you’re trying to keep things ‘secret’ from the actual driver!
  • Please ensure that you are happy with our ‘Terms & Conditions’.

The booking process –

  • When you’ve decided to go ahead we will ask the ‘named’ driver(s) to complete a Driver Information Form to enable us to clear their details with our insurers (99% of the time this is a formality) before any money changes hands.
  • Once this is completed we require a non-refundable deposit equal to 25% of the anticipated hire charge or the full amount if the rental commencement date is within 30 days of the booking date.

Any balance of the hire charge outstanding will become payable 30 days before the commencement of the hire period.