History of our Triumph Stag.

  • Registered: 13/01/1978
  • Previous owners: 3 (previous owner acquired car in 04)
  • Certified mileage at 01/03/13: 7,326 (on new recon engine as 99)
  • Average miles per year: 2,650.

Previous major works.

  • 1999:  4 years of work to complete bare metal respray (was brown) and engine and transmission rebuilt at cost of over £15k.
  • 2005:  engine rebuild when mileage was 4,971.

1978 Triumph Stag

Price: from £150 per day

Just listen to that Triumph V8 as you play with the overdrive switch on 3rd and 4th gears. It sounds best at around the 4000 rpm mark.


  • Exterior: brilliant blue
  • Interior trim: light brown cloth
  • Interior carpets: light brown
  • Cloth top: dark blue

Model background.

If you choose this car you would be driving one of only 52 manual Stags licensed in 1978 and one of 4,400 manual Stags currently licensed or SORNd in the UK.

You will also be driving a Stag fitted with the original Triumph V8 engine – not one of the many cars that have had the Triumph engine replaced by Buick or Rover V8s.

In the late 60s Triumph were desperate to retain their share of the lucrative North American market and the Stag project was undertaken with the idea that most cars would be sold in North America. In reality only about 26,000 MK Is were produced – of which a mere 2,800 went to the USA but the Stags had such a bad press in the US that exports were halted in 1977. In the UK a total of 19,000 Stags were sold of which only a quarter have survived.

Triumph’s Stag engines were prone to over-heating and engines failed due to warped cylinder heads but most of the surviving cars – ours included – have had action taken to remedy these historical problems.

Engine and performance.

2997cc V8 Triumph engine matched with a manual 4 speed syncho gearbox with overdrive on 3rd and 4th gears.

  • B.h.p.: 145
  • Torque: 170 @ 3,000 rpm     
  • 0-60 mph: 9.7secs
  • Top speed: 116 mph
  • Servo: yes

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